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Author:ghpacking       Published:2010/07/12       Hits:7943      

BOPP TAPE:Made of   polypropylene (BOPP) for dimensional stability and high tensile strength.

coating with water based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

Thickness of film:23mic,25mic,28mic,38mic or according to customers' request.

Thickness of adhesive:15mic-50mic or according to customers' request.

Std Width:1.2cm 1.5cm 1.8cm 2.0cm 2.4cm 3.0cm 3.6cm 4.0cm 4.2cm 4.5cm 4.8cm 5.0cm  5.3cm 5.5cm 5.7cm 6.0cm 7.0cm 7.2cm 7.5cm

Technical Parameter:

Adhesive: Water based acrylic

Initial Grab ,Ball: ≥12

Holding Force (H): ≥24

Tensile Strength (MPA): ≥120

Peeling Strength With (N/2.5cm): ≥6.86

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